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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 6, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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and we are seeing it dwindling. promilitary anniversary it's not just the beam is. they think it was people coming out for almost giving on the
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government here legitimatecy. their idea is that they would show the world that everything was good now in the country, that the rulers, that the legitimate ruleers were here to support them. that you say on the other side of the world, we were seeing people turning out all were left as they got close to tahrir square with the secure forces. there's a death toll. we had at least two people killed and 7 killed in tahrir square it comes across, 28 said and to the latest figures to the
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ministry. has it fell with any points that this would be one of those days that we've seen in the last few years where things have gotten out of control or has it been kept on it today? >> caller: i think it's very clear that they have a number of marches and they were calling for calling for different parts of cairo to move on to the tahrir square. we needed the main marches wob tracked by the security forces and almost when the two are on the square and the main one where you have to go to lots of security checks to get in to the square. and really it's specific to who they are letting in it's further out. i believe the main marches would be stopped.
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there's a heavy security presence. the use of tear glass and the fighting to the air. when you -- but there is a concern to whether people manage to catch the disturbance. that didn't happen but it seems that the security force ohs have really a handle on whether the main people will be coming from but they manage to stop them. we have this -- it has been rising over the last couple of hours but also hearing evidence where people are on the ground and they were seeing local people joan with the security forces. some of them joining in find weapons. some of them just fighting those confrontation to local people. people who lived in the area that the marches were coming through. i think that includeed with the security forces combed this very, very well and any suspicious that these two sides would meet and that it would test it would get as far as
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tahrir square never materialized. >> that's an update this cairo. we thank you for that. we thank you for your time. there was an irony over what's happening today in this is supposed to be great unifying day celebrating a landmark union in the past. a lot are on the twitter feed are complaining that the whole nation was united in the face of an external threat and today the country is the canes vieweded. how does egypt move forward from it. every time would make a turn it can't really and reach another dead end and have to reach back again. >> well, it's a revolutionary
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situation. the order has been disturbed and a new one hasn't congealed. i think the people who are leaving the country now, the army and the civilians are divided over a strategy. some want to marginize the the muslim brotherhood it was a first under ground movement and there are others, i think the prime minister who recognized that it's a large enough group that you can complete i will have the policies that way. but they do i think across the board, the current leaders believe that the brotherhood is sectarian and that it's trying to take over everything unless some block is put there. >> tell me about the military block. i suspect and particularly on a day like this. a good proportion want to
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support the military has been an important institution in the past. i guess the way it's behaveed in the past few years has changed that. this *r there were human rights issues. there was feeling of the brotherhood take over everything among many of the youth and the popular an millions came out against morsi in june.
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what's the revolution good for in 2011 when people should have freedom of assembly. obviously there's been a step back. however, a lot of the egyptians are willing to make allowances because they feel that when the brotherhood was in power, it also interferes with people demonstrating and mobilized to sometimes kill them and prosecute them and so forth. so from the point of view of the young activists who want a new
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order, there's a third square movement and the brotherhood in the military. a lot of the egyptians are with the military on this one. just quickly, before we run out of time, oh how long you think before egypt can try. that's what's going to happen it has to get back to the ballot box and try and get an elected government again. the question is the circumstances. if they try to hold that direction in such a way to exclude a significant proportion of the electric which are the muslim brotherhood supporters. that i have to find a way toeupb
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collude. that's not their present instincts. >> thank you for your time today. thank you. >> still ahead, could kenyan police have been behind the killing of a muslim cleric. also clearing the air, why they become too much for the people of one american town and blow up and blow up. joe will have all the details coming up a u up to 10 to the hour. the this libyan government is having an explanation for what it's calling the kidnapping for one of its citizens. the government wants to know where he's holding this man. the u.s. commanders seized its suspected al qaeda member on
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saturday morning. he's been wanted by the fbi for 15 years and a return to his home country back in 2011. the wife has opinion speaking about what happened. >> translator: after doing prayer he was returning home from the mosque. there were cars waiting for him. one of them a mercedess. masked men came out of the car. the driver wasn't mass -bed. one came out. they were obviously libyan. there were at least ten of them and they were all armed with silence weapons. they told him to get in the car, closed the door and drove off. they broke the window on my husband's car and seemed like they drugged him. one of the expect.ed suspected of org stkaeuszinsuspe
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attacks in 1988. 200 people were killed including 12 americans. let's talk to gina live in washington with more on what the administration has been saying about this. >> well, the administration has called -- one of the world's most wanted terrorist and they are very glad to have him in custody. he says that he is being lawfully detained under military law at an undisclosed location outside of libya. there isn't much that republicans and democrats are agreeing on in washington these days. severalle republican law makers congratulating the military and the intelligence apparatus for bringing them in to custody and encouraging to integrate them about the al qaeda network it's clear the government intends to
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do that before bringing them to justice. where they will bring him to justice is still an un-p known. he commended ton paralleled precision tkphroeblle reach and capabilities of the united states military in this operation. he went on the say we will continue to maintain pressure on terrorists groups that threaten our people or our interests and we will conduct direct action against them if necessary that is consistent with our laws and our values. those sentiments were also it uttered by john kerry in indonesia today. >> we hope that this makes clear that the united states of america will never stop in its effort to hold those accountable
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who con tkubgts act conduct actd those in al qaeda and other terrorists organizations can literally run but can't hide. we will continue to try to bring people to justice in an appropriate way with hopes that ultimately these kinds of activities against everybody in the world will stop. you can understand them saying that. the libyans not so much because they are saying you came in unilaterally on our band. are they getting any explanation about the u.s. about that? >> well, it was reported before the libyan government spoke out that there had been some communication between the u.s. and libyan authorities then the libyans as you've mentioned came out with a statement saying that will citizen had been kidnapped. they wanted an explanation from the u.s. we don't know what source of the kpaoupb cases macommunication hg
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place. >> jean live in washington, d.c. thank you. >> we mentioned this other on foreign soil on saturday. this was operation in somalia. it happened just south of the capitol. witnesses say a military helicopter dropped off soldiers close to a house belonging to an al zsa baanalana al-shabat commanders. >> well, the prime minister says it's not a secret that the country is working with foreign government to fight terrorists threats. >> we have more. >> we don't have much more informs beyond what the u.s. has already act knowledgeed and that is that they were involved with the attack on that beach house.
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only one person was killed and we understand -p that he was a relatively junior guard. the fact that al-shabab was able to fight off one of the elite units in the world suggests that they were very well prepared. they knew in advance that this was coming and anticipated but also suggest that they are very well organizeed. they are able to fight off that kind of attack and take considerable skill. we will continue to see
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continued operations over the coming weeks and months. kenyan police could be ignoring key evidence in the investigation of last week's murder the groups say could have been an extrajudicial killing. andrew simmons is in mumpasa and sends us this report. >> uncovered what should be part of the investigation in to the murders of four men. one a muslim cleric accused of having connections to oh the al-shabab somali group. the car was on the out skirts when it was ambushed. if it's related to a string of extra killings by police. >> yet, it's here a short distance from the mosque.
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it has shown no interest in retrieving it yet. least of all, actually doing a forensic examination of the vehicle. put the police chief suggested his men were examineing the car. >> one of you actually examineing it. >> that's -- he did that. >> after friday's riots in which four people died. they are on high alert. two somalis are arrested on sunday. the police chief says they are not connected on the west gate mall attack. there's people like this man. he said he was arrested, beaten and said he was muslims connected to al-shabab.
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he said he's on his way to a safe house. stkphao it's the minorities that says it's threat here. over 20 people could be targeted by the police. it's only further for al-shabab terrorism. >> at the church, christian preachers were able to have in normal service on sunday. this was their message. >> stop this before we find ourselves in a religious confrontation. >> it will also call them to corporate with the police. from the wake in west gate mall, attention exists in this part of the port city.
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>> let's check in with european now. worker haves found more bodies in the wreck and of that boat which sank off the italian coast with hundreds of migrants. the latest on that with the european. > hello. well the remains of dozens more people have to the rescue center. now despite delays caused by bad weather, he's also said that they have recovered the bodicecs of 181 people killed when the boat caught fire and capsized. others are still missing. bring us up-to-date with what's happened today.
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>> reporter: they managed to access the wreckage of the sunken boat in the sea 83 now is the number hear the we recovered since the recovery operation closed down on the night on sunday evening. that brings a total of those who died in this tragedy so far with 194. taking a look at that as well. she was at the island this morning to see how the recovery operations were going. she was lost for words at the
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alleged tragedy. >> it's also emergeed that the rescue operation may actually have been hammered by confusion over one of its immigration la laws. it's a lot of contention around that at the moment. it imply t-plted in 2002. what it does is. it is automatically penle aoeudz and it's a charge of illegal immigration as well as finds of several thousands the euros it has really raised a lot of concern and across europe saying that these people who oh is head up here already having suffered incredibly traumatic journey
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following water or some traumatic access that they are -- this is an added injury to their already exit from their country. >> so thank you, sonia. >> and let's take you back to pill and khamil. >> they have begun the process of destroying syria's chemical weapons. the news agency that a team of inspectors is headed to a weapons site to begin sre verifg and destroying the chemicals. >> removing the chemical weapons in the middle of a civil war. the prohibition is responsibility for this task. the syrian president is cooperating and that some stockpiles are now being
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destroyed. but it's not sure how syria's stockpiles weapons are and where they're located. one refort suggested some are in active making that job that much harder. according to one analyst the mid 2014 deadline may not be realistic. >> the main technical challenges are to be able to destroy the weapons and the chemicals components in a safe and secure way in the middle of a war zone. it's never been done with before. u.n. inspectors never had to go in and seize, control, destroy weapons of mass destruction while the fight is still raging. >> others are skeptical about president bashar. >> there's actually a position where he complained. he's got this bracket protecting him from attack until he
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delivered on the promise he made on the chemical weapon and the process of getting another revolution through would be difficult. i think that bashar could calculate that this process going in to the middle of 2014 could see him coming out of on top. >> the with the attack and the outskirts of damascus in august disposing quickly and efficiently is out of authority for international community. the mission to destroy them are an agreement between russia and the u.s. this might be coming at the cost of negotiations for long term settlement. >> the u.n./syrian said it's not certain that the schedule peace talks in geneva will take place as talks in november. now it does take is cooperating with the international community. his long term goals are far from clear.
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they left lob none for a better in australia. still ahead this news hour. survivors off the indonesian coast reason home. some without their families. >> also, breaking down barriers in bali. indonesia seeks to free up trade of a specific meeting. >> in sports, can serena finish. it's on the way. [[voiceover]] gripping films from the world the world's top documentary directors. >>banging your head over and over again can be a bad thing. >>every time i would do heading i would see stars. [[voiceover]] it's all fun and games until tragedy strikes. >>a former player kills himself.
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>>we have to stop playing the game, or we have to find a solution.
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[[voiceover]] when people need to be heard, stories need to be told, al jazeera is there. >> hello again, i'm fuli batibol with the main stories on al jazeera. since 1996, we've told the human story. from the ground up. >> this is an unsafe place to be. >> with a new point of view. >>this river is their road to freedom. [[voiceover]] committed, inspired, bold. >>we're on the frontline, but it's under attack. al jazeera media network, the global, award-winning news organization.
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>> 28 people have been keupld across egypt. the military forces soldiers and supporters of the military in several areas at the capitol. more dozens of oh bodies pulled from the wreckage of the coast. it caught fire and capsized near the island.
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more than 200 have been killed. >> and the experts at the united nations have begun the process of destroying syria's chemical weapons. let's take you back to egypt. today it has become -- charles reports now on why this date is so important to the people of egypt. >> the scenes that marked the first and only time the they had with israel. a stalemate was settled through a peace treaty. egyptians follow a major
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victory. it was also seized by every leader that feel as an opportunity to enhance their rule. almost that was egypt's president during that war. he lacked his predecessor and built his legacy around it. hosni knehosni mobuaracck was ir at the time. he held up the open top celebrations. often for phaou musicals idolizg him. including this one in the 1990s featuring some of egypts topper formers.
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it was over thrown and it was criticized by young revolutionarys. >> at the time in commemorating october 6th, the military ruler e sroebed people's whole hearted support for the armed forces in 1973 then came egypt's first democratically elected president mohammed morsi. at last years ceremony and the thousands who attended were mostly in from the muslim brotherhood and all the religious parties. use the ceremony to present the report card with achievements and in the process antagonizing his critics and the military. today the anniversary promises as the military once again plays
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a major role after removing forces from power in july. it's since been divided between those who support the military and those who are against the can coup. the rivals have been called for in tahrir scare on sunday. it's an opportunity toe to advae political agendas. one of our special correspondents who we are not naming for security reasons. on the line from cairo. wear about two to three thousand people beginning in this -- easily being in cairo since that violent military crack down on the -- it's the protests in the
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middle of august. this is a very determined that i had to say. it's in august. this crowd really will lay in store for them adding the perhaps an hor later in the march that they got close oh to tahrir square and that number increased to 5,000. they net fired in to the air to push the crowds back and for another couple hours, this constant pressure from the security forces that they fired tear gas in to the air and sent people scattering. also people injured as they ran away and down the al alleyways. >> was this a group that was also ready far fight. ouls going in to the conflict.
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they would force their way forward. i think they must have felt there would have been something a bit of safety in numbers. i have been protest every evening in cairo for last few months. those protests have been allowed to carry on. they have been peaceful and interrupted by the security forces. none of them have been sense the august crack done. i think they knew that there was risk of a crack down by the military that indeed that happened. and of course in ramsey square and in another location, ramsey street, those -- fighting was going on in to the evening. >> good stuff there. we thank you for that description of today's event.
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>> speaking at the apec summit in bali. they continue to open markets. and continue with, i should say and continue on with the system and up left the well being of all our citizens. >> we must also ensure that our relation is not only stop but also -- >> leek 20 other heads of -- like 20 other heads of state, president obama was supposed to be here for the apec summit on monday. he cancelled his trip because of the shut down of the government. john kerry is here in his place. the host here said it's
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disappointed that president obama isn't coming based on what's happening at home. the security will remain just as tight down on the southern steps of bali. the russian government has said that they are disappointed but for different reasons. they wanted to have side lines conversations about the president with the situation in syria. it's going to be the world's largest trade agreement. the focus will shift away from who's not here and who oh is here. we will see if he's able to use this to his advantage. two cars were crashing in to
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the crowd of spectators. the driver may have lost control of the truck. people were injured i, many of them seriously. an epl phr employee in yemes been shot outside the super market at the capitol. germany was one of several countries to close back in august. after u.s. warnings for interests. we are also getting the epl will employees. >> nato says an impromiceed explosive device was detonate bud soldiers were on control. those killed were americans.
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dozens drowned but 18 survivors from lebanon now returned home. she has this support. >> he's still in shock. >> the bodies of his family were with dna tests. he wanted to give them a better life in australia. >> translator: we were already dead in lebanon. here we had to survive the violence, the bombings, we were dying. but it was over there where we died. >> the exact number of migrants on the boat is not known but the member were lebanese. officials say more than 60. the lebanese on board hailed from poorest areas north of the
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country. many of them lived and worked here. >> it is easy for smuggling networks to lure those who live in poverty it's easier who live on the front line. my brother was victim of the security problem. >> the abdual family are just as angry. they are waiting for any news who was also on the the boat. this the a country with deep division that had been worsened by the war in neighboring syria. the instability has effected the
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job market. >> we have no hope and he was ambitious. he was determined to find a better life and begged him not to go. he had no future here with the bombings, kidnapping and killing. >> he is a victim of lebanon's security questions. officials called it a national tragedy. >> but the father blames them for his own tragedy. >> stop fighting each other for power and unite for the sake of our children he says. >> this father had within more request for the government to know if his son is dead or alive and to bring him back either w way.
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taking the flame on a journey right across russia.
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it's mounted. it's so they can go to the international space station. >> translator: everyone of the 14,000 participants and rise to become part of the history. the operation was fully behind the events. >> the very process is unifyed all of the citizens about russia. it's given a powerful impulse that is ans a spegt of their lives. >> they have been pushing far boycott over russias new law of so-called gay propaganda.
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earlier this year, the leader of russia's se partists rebels. who can claim responsibility for attacks including the 2010 suicide bombings on the metro which killed 40 people. >> now that they -- they are hosting one of the world's biggest sporting events. germany's retail giant are threatening strike action. over the last few months. german workers have been locked in over paying. a workers union in germany said it will call ta for a walk out unless they have will have serious negotiations. they insist that german workers
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are receiving above average pay. a week now in france, they will see the country's trading and a law that's coming to the head. a growing number of retailers an shoppers are pushing for stores to stay open longer on a sunday. and as france continues to struggle with record unemployment and major economic growth they may now say that it's time to relax those rules and keep shops open. >> reporter: it's early morning in paris. the doorless open. they are taking them on a sunday may -- it's a turn over. most retailers are banned from trading on a sunday. some diy shop ohs decided open their doors anyway.
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>> during the week i'm at school so i can't work. and before i worked in a big shop and i -- >> the french union are key to keep the ban on sunday trading in place. it has taken legal action to prevent businesses from opening. the unions want to preserve sunday as a day of rest and relaxation in france. and the law is not straightforward. a few khreupl o few kilometers e hardware store -- they with furniture stores are now to open far few hours. sunday mornings for french families a chance to spend time together. sunday has been a term for hundred years.
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the depat debate for working hod will change on family life. >> i think it's important that people have a day where they all meet. it's complicated to get together otherwise. >> people should have a choice to work if they want to. >> there's some people who really need that money because they are paying a bit more on a sunday. at the end, the majority of french people are in favor of easing the law for those who want to work on a seasoned a chance to do so. paris. and get you up-to-date. now let's go back to doha. >> thank you.
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>> they regain the top spots. it took the lead heading in just before the half time break. but it's just after the hour mark. they now have 16 points and that's equal with liverpool and having scored more goals. they were beating at hand. >> giving the hamers their first win since 1999. it's the heavy win at home. >> to the early game in chelsea. they beat third. they are up to fourth. they are on top of the spanish league table. they missed a penalty in the 25th minute.
2:52 pm
they will go ahead just before the break. they are now level with barcelona and were comfortable winners on saturday but not quite so easy for real madrid who faced something with a great mistake. the upset was seriously back on the cards. >> the bill -- had proebgen a piece of work to put a 2-1 up.
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>> that was 19 minutes then renaldo. a yellow card because celebration. >> they had an early lead but alex sanchez had them back on their return four minutes later. still on the score sheet.
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>> they were 4-0 to remain four points adrift of the top. they are first and it's one up already. >> putting on his fourth straight world khal championship. the reports are anything but straightforward for the rest of the pack. >> he's set to become the youngest world champion but he admits he's not thinking of playing with the ultimate malt crowd. >> he's explained a dramatic
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blowout in the race leading out a safety card. and no sooner had the debris been clear before india spun in to mark webber. the driver drove over just in time just as he saw the race go up in smoke. he held on to fourth put was frustrated -- >> he came so it was sabastian that would ease to the career. with five races to go. you have oh to rev up the championship. >> the best driver in world rally history had a rather disappointing end to his career.
2:56 pm
nine-time champion sabastian crashed out of his final race. the frenchman chose to only go four races after winning 9 consecutive world titles. he will try for the championship next year. >> he continued to have his love affair in straight sets. 6-3, 6-4. he will be will be behind nadal on monday. >> serena williams is facing the title of her career. it's final in beijing and counts for wins and back and a tenth
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town t-plt this year. >> and the point to retain the top president's in the top the few rounds. they now lead the team 17-12 and avoid the station any of the five remaining singles matches. continental europe beats for the first time in 7 attempts. they felt the winning and the italian saying 15-13 win for the first time since 2000. also get in touch with our team and on twitter and facebook. >> my eyes are watering for some reason.
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stay tuned. we will be back with more news on al jazeera in just a moment.
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